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Creating Your Own Trackers

Typically, you'll want to create a new tracker from a template, or at least start with a basic template, then further customize it to your needs. However, in case you want to start from scratch with a “blank tracker”, there is a step-by-step process to setup and configure the tracker.

When creating trackers, the important concept to understand is how forms, lists, table views, and other parts of a tracker connect to each other (i.e., “stitch together”) to make a complete tracker.

Minimal Tracker Creation

After using Resultra for some time and gaining an understanding of a tracker's different parts, you will likely be able to create trackers with ease. For starters, here's a basic step by step procedure to create a minimal, custom tracker:

  1. Using the form designer, create a form.
    • While adding new components to the form, you'll be prompted to create new fields or to use existing fields. In this case, you'll want to create new fields for the different information in your tracker.
  2. Create a new item link.
    • When creating the link, you'll be prompted for the form to use for new items. In this case, select the form you created in the previous step.
  3. Create an item list.
    • When creating the list, you'll be prompted for a form or table view as the default way to view items. In this case, select the form created in the previous step.

Additional Tracker Customization

After the 3 steps above, you'll have a minimal tracker where you can create new items and view them in a list. Over time, you can add additional capabilities; for example:

  • Create a dashboard to summarize the information being tracked.
  • Add another lists to view a different subset of tracked items (e.g. completed tasks, work-in-progress tasks). The filter properties on the list are used to determine which items are shown in the list.
  • Create a table view as an alternate or default view for the items in the list.
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