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Item Lists

Within a tracker, individual items are grouped into item lists. A tracker will also typically have multiple items lists. For example, a tracker for customer issues will have lists for newly submitted, unresolved and resolved issues.

Configuring the List's Contents

A tracker will typically have multiple item lists, and each list will contain a specific group of items . For example, a tracker for project tasks could have the following lists:

  • New tasks which need triage to determine their priority.
  • Backlog of incomplete tasks.
  • Tasks which are a work in progress.
  • High priority tasks.
  • Completed tasks.

In general, filters are used to configure which items appear in an item list. This filtering is an important property, since it effectively defines the list.

How to View the List - Toggling between Different Forms and Table Views

There are 2 basic ways to view and edit items. As you'd expect, forms display items on a page, while table views show items as rows and columns in a table.

An important feature in item lists is the ability to quickly toggle between different forms and table views. Depending upon how you need to work with the information, this allows you to focus only on the information that is currently of interest.

For example, when tracking project tasks, there could be a list of items called “Work in progress”. In this list, there a table view for entering the hours of work performed on different tasks and a separate form for updating the task's progress details.

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