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 +====== Lightweight CRM Template ======
 +The lightweight CRM factory template is a very basic template for tracking business relationships. It is designed for individual use and is intended for business networking and/or lead tracking.
 +This tracker basically consists of:
 +  * Each item is a contact.
 +  * For each contact, an optional follow-up is scheduled. Each follow-up has an urgency and due date field. Either or both these fields can be set. For example:
 +    * The assumption is a follow-up with a high urgency but no due date should be completed ASAP, but otherwise doesn’t have a specific due date. 
 +    * A follow-up with a due date but no urgency needs to happen before a certain date, but isn’t necessarily urgent.
 +  * An activity log where comments and notes can be recorded pertaining to the the contact.
 +The tracker includes a number of lists for all the contacts, contacts with follow-up needed and contacts with no follow-up planned. The due date and urgency of a follow-up contribute to an overall priority; this overall priority is used to sort the "Needs Follow-up"​ list. 
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