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Scrum-based Tracking Template

Resultra's Scrum template supports the management of a product backlog and tracking of work to completion in sprints.

More background information on this development of this template is available in a white paper (case study) posted on Resultra's blog.

"Spinning Down" Remaining Effort

Depending on the type of project being tracked, Resultra supports numerous different ways to mark a task as being complete. For example, a simple checkbox can be used, a completion date, or a multi-part checklist.

However, the factory template for scrum-based tracking uses a very simple method to track remaining effort and task completion. In particular, the task is consider done when the remaining effort is set to 0. In the forms to change remaining effort, there is a spinner control next to this value; therefore, the remaining effort will typically be changed with this spinner control, and completing the task can be thought of as “spinning down” the remaining effort.The completion date is a calculated field, based upon the date when the remaining effort was set to 0.

Supporting Multiple Sprints

In this template, the sprint to which the task is assigned is a text field called “Target Sprint”. There is a value list called “Sprints” which has a list of sprints. When a tracker is initially created from this template, this value list only has a single sprint called “Current”. The names of other sprints can be added to this value list over time.

An item list is used to display the items assigned to a given sprint. The “Pre-filtering” setting for the item list is used to filter which items are shown in the list. When working on different sprints, this setting can be changed to match a different sprint's name. If working on multiple sprints at once, a second item list could be setup to show items from both sprints.

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